I have actually been watching the wrong thing

This Spring, to me, was quite lackluster for anime. By that, I mean it was crap. I only picked out a few b/c good concepts were few and far between.

Little did I know that even those were bad. Almost of anime’s were dismissed based on the manga. Witchcraft Works and Machine Doll. I watched 8 episodes of strike the Blood, because no matter how amazing everyone else thinks it is, it comes out as illogical, manufactured cliche shounen to me.

My current playlist has dwindled down to Natsume Yuuijinchou ova, Tokyo Ravens, Hamatora, and Buddy Complex. Everything else has either been dropped or not interesting.

Hamatora is lousy and there are only 2 interesting characters. My favorite was brutally murdered by the other interesting character. One bloody fan service episode, one plot heavy episode, and a *good* episode later, it looks like it may start picking up. Art and Moral are the only reason I still watch this.

Like Kyoukai no Kanata, Tokyo Raven is based a light novel. The problem with both was that the climax and momentum is just like a book. They are good for what they are worth. I liked the TK manga and I still like the series. The season is ending, with three more episodes, and for me the last 5 were stellar in comparison to the start. So I am not complaining.

Buddy Complex and Natsume. I got nothing to say. One is mecha and one is supernatural, slice of life. One is perfect and the other is pretty good. It completes my anime list.

But you know the broadcastings are bad if you are digging in the vaults. Yep, Valvrave, Ixion Saga DT, Inuyasha, Howl’s Moving Castle, XxxHolic, Dragon Drive, etc. Then the ones fans made me fear and found treasure: Code Geass, Bakuman, Attack on Titan. Guilty Crown is still incomplete, so no judgement on that one.

Recently I picked up a few that I normally never would. Like InuxBoku, which I dropped near the end. Strange Plus is cool. Makes me want to watch Air Gear. If you’ve watched both, you’ll remember certain shark’s hair and color. I am Watching Koroshiya The Hired Gun and Hentai Prince too. Both good. Makes me think that maybe it wasn’t such a bad the season. Rather my picks just sucked.


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